Is there more to Henry Allen's character? (John Wesley Shipp)

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  • John Wesley Shipp, also known as "The Barry Allen of the 90s" has been a polarizing figure since being casted onto "CW's The Flash". Although he has done an excellent job of playing Barry's imprisoned father, many of us have suspected that there is more to his character. TV Overmind caught up with Shipp at San Diego Comic-Con and asked him what many of us have been wondering:

    Is there a mystery as to why Henry wasn’t more shocked the night Reverse-Flash broke into the Allen house?
    “Oh I hope you are right! It’s curious, isn’t it? It’s something that I haven’t gotten an answer to. Here is a man in a yellow suit and he doesn’t ask a single question! He says [to Barry] “Move on! You got to move on, you got to let it go” He goes back [in time], “No you can’t change the timeline”. Barry gets back from having revisited, but Henry isn’t asking any questions about it, why? I hope we explore that this season.”

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